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Commercial Jobs

Access to Hundreds of Governments and Private Commercial Jobs with bidding assistance 

Multi-family residences
Retail & Grocery Stores
Shopping Malls
Hotels, Apartments
Factories, Warehouses
Institutional Buildings
Sports Facilities
Medical Facilities

Price List Estimate

Are predetermined prices you list for your services on our website.

We call it a price list because prices can change once the Service Pro gets to the Jobsite and the work is more involved.


For example, if someone purchases a ceiling fan replacement and the Service Pro removed the old ceiling fan, there were issues with the wiring, and now the wires need to be replaced. This job would now cost more than a simple ceiling fan replacement.

There is a $50 or 10% processing fee if they purchase a listed service on our website.

Phone Estimate

When a customer contacts us for an estimated price not listed on the website.

We call this a Phone Estimate because you can send the quote to the customer via phone, our message board or email without an Onsite Estimate.


We would share the customer request with the Service Pro(s) in the customer's area. We would also market to the customer to collect all information from the customer, including pictures, videos, manuals, etc.

You can contact the customer directly for pricing via phone, our message board or email.

Onsite Estimate

Some jobs need a contractor to go out and put visual eyes on a job and take measurements to give the customer proper pricing.

Customers can book an onsite estimate with you from your listing page, or they can post a request.


All our estimates are free, but you can charge customers for inspections and measurement releases. For example, if you go to do an onsite estimate and the customer would like the measurements you collected but have not put a deposit on the job as yet, they will need to pay you a measurement fee for the release of those measurements.

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We are looking for Reliable and Experienced Contractors To join our listing network and Get Jobs.

We are an Admin, Marketing and Customer Service Company, who work with Service Pro(s) in our network to getJobs with customers, who we have promised to pair with a contractor who have been screened and covers them with a 1 year service guarantee.

We market for customers under our Branded Company Name BookACrewe. Customers come to our website and Book A Service or Post A Request.

This saves the Service Pro hundreds of dollars by not paying per lead for customers that do not want their services.

We help you get jobs by offering customers three different types of Estimates from Service Pro(s) in our network.

Price List Estimate!
Phone Estimate!
Onsite Estimate!

Customers pay you directly

So, by now you must be wondering what the cost is to join our listing network and get jobs, or how much you are paid.

We charge a flat monthly fee of $199/County, $50 for each additional county you want to be listed in.

You negotiate, sell, book and charge the customers for your services.

If the customer require financing or if you are unable to accept credit card payments, we are here to help. Credit Card processing and accessing our financing Options is a $50 or 10% fee per transaction.

Boost Your Business with our Commission-Only Program

Boost Your Business with our Full Service Commission-Only Program!

 Utilize our full service and get customers not just a lead. Only pay for Customers you close.

If you opt for the Commission program, instead of a subscription payment you are charged a 15% (minimum $50) Marketing Fee upfront when a customer books your service.

Full-Service Customers: Get Jobs & Get Help Growing your business with Your Company Branded Website, Phone, Email, Marketing and 24/7 Customer Service.

Join Our Network

Choose a button below to see which plan best suites your need and your budget.

Pay As You GO
Save 2month Payment & Enjoy Extra Perks with our yearly plans.
Get Jobs & Get Help Growing Your business.

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