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Account Violations

One of the reasons why you joined our network is to get jobs.  If you ever tried generating your own leads you know acquiring these leads can be very expensive and then you have to follow up with those leads in a timely and consistent manner to make them viable.

So, it hurts everyone including yourselves when you fail to do the following.

  • Updating Task properly in RC under the actual customer task and not in the chat box.
  • Updating us with any changes or communication with the customer.
  • Updating us immediately if you cannot make an appointment.
  • Send the estimate directly to Us instead of the customer so we can follow up within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Make a reasonable offer to win the deal! Remember customers are usually shopping around.
  • Separating your labor and material cost.
  • Providing before and after pictures to help with ongoing marketing.
  • Notifying us if customer add a service or contact you in the future for new services.

Moving forward we will be giving out job opportunities based on how well you follow these instructions, repeated violation will result in a block in the network for 15days, 30days or indefinitely.



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